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New Funding Opportunity for Apprentices and Trainees: Back to Work Scheme

The Victorian Government has boosted the Back to Work Scheme to assist Victorian employers hiring new staff. You can read the full information here. THE BIG NEWS FOR YOU; The scheme now covers all new apprentices and trainees. Front of house qualification costs will be reimbursed. Certificate III in Hospitality (SIT30713) and Certificate IV in Hospitality (SIT40313) have become […]


AVTES Proves Industry Leader Status In Recent Report

AVTES Proves Industry Leader Status In Recent Benchmarking Report The AQIS Benchmarking Survey is conducted annually and reports on a range of quality indicators for training providers. It is an optional process that only quality training providers typically participate in. Every year, AVTES provides results from all our employer and student surveys over the preceding year […]

find your ideal training provider with these critical questions

How To Find Your Ideal Training Provider

How To Find Your Ideal Training Provider: Critical Questions To Help You Choose The Best Training Provider For You Just like anything in life, there are many different types of training providers out there. And what suits you may not suit someone else. That’s why it’s important that you know what to look for when finding a training […]

database marketing for restaurants

Database Marketing For Restaurants 101

Database Marketing For Restaurants 101 Do you collect your customer information? If not you could be missing out on some fantastic cheap and easy marketing. Why you should be collecting your customer information? When you have personal information of your customers you can tailor personal marketing messages to them. The cheapest and easiest way to increase […]