January 15



By Sarah Fitzgibbon

January 15, 2020

Hunter Management Services runs 4 busy hotels across metropolitan and regional Victoria. Like many hotels they wanted to improve the service standards in their venues and reduce staff turnover. With such a large workforce they knew they needed a central approach and decided to implement a training strategy across the business.

Group Manager Kimberley Blight says of choosing a training provider “AVTES were highly regarded and fit the prerequisites in training we were looking for… a supportive and motivated trainer who will teach our staff alongside our core values.”

designed a training strategy to suit their needs. To ensure that both their
food and beverage product and service reflected their business goals and values
they included a range of qualification training for their kitchen as well as
front-of house staff. Where possible they utilized government funding through
apprenticeships and traineeships.

training strategy they implemented has seen fantastic results for the business,

  • Staff attitudes
    and confidence have improved and they apply the knowledge they have gained across
    many aspects of their job.
  • Team
    communication is much better, especially in dealing with difficult situations.
  • Staff job
    performance is now very high.
  • Better service
    standards and customer feedback.

In continuing to embrace a training culture and use AVTES, Kimberly Blight says “We continue to use AVTES due to the results we are seeing in our staff… We really appreciate how receptive AVTES are to any questions, suggestions and information we require. There communication is fantastic which we really value…”

AVTES Director Chris Fitzgibbon says the success of the training program is also a result of Hunter Management’s approach. “We’ve worked with them for over 4 years now, and they continue to demonstrate a real commitment to training their staff. They are prepared to take a long term approach, identifying key staff with leadership potential at each venue and supporting them to complete their training. They are also prepared to invest in training at the higher levels, providing career pathways by supporting training up to the Advanced Diploma level. This is how you not only build a talented team, but keep them.”

If you would like
to chat about skilling your front or back of house staff – get in touch.

Sarah Fitzgibbon

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