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Government Funding Opportunities - for information on the funding opportunities available for you.

Apprenticeships & Traineeships - find out what an apprenticeship and traineeship are and how they work.

Responsibilities of Employers and Students - discover your responsibilities when training.

AVTES Awards - our annual awards recognise the great contribution of employers and students in contributing to a great training culture. Download your nomination form here.

Fees - for detailed information on course fees.

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Ready to enrol at AVTES course? Fantastic! Contact us directly and an AVTES representative will then contact you to gather all the relevant information and arrange enrolment.

Apprenticeships & Traineeships

If students are undertaking training as an apprentice or trainee there are additional requirements because of government funding and financial incentives. In these cases an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (ANP) needs to be involved in the enrolment process. Both the student and the employer need to complete a training contract with the ANP before AVTES can enrol the student.

To make your life easier, and the enrolment process more efficient, AVTES can arrange to conduct enrolments at the same time as the ANP completes the training contract. This can occur at your workplace or our offices. This way you can confirm funding eligibility on the spot and get training started as soon as possible.

Flexible Delivery and Assessment

If you're looking for flexible delivery and assessment methods to meet your business needs, then you've come to the right place. AVTES has expertise in delivering training that suits employer and business needs. Whilst incorporating the needs of the individual student as well. See below for a detailed list of our flexible delivery and assessment methods.

Flexible Delivery Methods
  • Workplace based / on-the-job
  • Workshops
  • Online

Read our On-The-Job FAQs here.

Flexible Assessment Methods
  • Written activities / projects
  • Verbal questions
  • Work examples
  • Observation
  • Supervisor verification
  • Recognition of prior learning (RPL)
  • Online resources
  • Hard copy workbooks
  • Text books
  • AVTES printed material

All flexible delivery and assessment methods meet these requirements;

  • A quality training program as per AVTES' registration requirements as a registered training organisation.
  • All qualification training is nationall recognised and delivered within the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF).
  • Quality resources and assessment tools will be used in all training as per Australian Quality Skills Authority regulations.
  • All students receive training from experienced industry trainers.
  • Disadvantaged students are encouraged to apply for all AVTES programs. 

What 'Workplace Based' means...

Workplace based delivery occurs in the workplace, or on-the-job. We have been delivering our training in this way since 1998 and are very good at it. We understand it is the best way to train students in employment. Both for the student and the business. The student gains one on one attention with an industry experienced Trainer Assessor. The business has the student trained in their systems and their way of doing things. They also save resources and money in having the training done at the workplace by not having to send students off to external sites.

Workplace based training involves an experienced and qualified Trainer Assessor visiting the student in the workplace to conduct the training. Visits typically occur about once a month and we schedule them at a time to suit you. A training plan outlining the units to be undertaken and the time frame for each unit is provided to the student and Workplace Supervisor at the start of training.  

A typical workplace visit includes the trainer going through assessment of the previous unit and introducing the next unit. The student brings their assessment tasks and the Trainer Assessor will look through them and answer any questions the student has along the way. The student may also demonstrate practical skills at this time. Then the Trainer Assessor will introduce the next unit and explain the unit requirements and assessment tasks that the student will need to complete before the next visit. At this point, the Trainer Assessor may demonstrate relevant practical skills.

Students may use a combination of hard copy and online learning resources to gain relevant underpinning knowledge. Instruction in practical skills will occur by both the student's Workplace Supervisor and their Trainer Assessor.

Read our On-The-Job FAQs here.

AVTES Information: Policies and Forms

We’ve compiled our most important and requested policies and forms for your use below. Please contact us if you are looking for other information.


AVTES Policies

AVTES has policies in place to ensure your rights are recognised and our service is provided to the highest standard possible. Please click on the links below to view any of our policies in more detail.

Access & Equity
Customer Service
Complaints & Appeals



Please find a range of downloadable information and AVTES forms for your convenience. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us.
Direct Debit Form
Learner Survey
Employer Survey
Customer Service Questionnaire
Disclosure of Information Consent Form
Complaint/Appeal Application Form
Marketing Consent Form

Employment Outcomes of Training

Training your staff is an investment in your business' future. While it will take time and resources, the skills and knowledge gained over time will benefit your business in many ways. Upon completion of an AVTES course students will have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the relevant role. This means they will bring these to improve your business. You can expect to see both immediate and long term employment outcomes of training, such as;

  1. New skills and expertise across your business
  2. A more efficient and productive workforce
  3. Improved and consistent practices
  4. A professional business image
  5. Business growth and profits
  6. More time for you to work on strategic things
  7. Staff able to take on more responsibility
  8. Better supervisors and managers
  9. More motivated staff
  10. Lower staff turnover

Employability Skills

All AVTES qualifications encompass general employability skills as required by industry. In addition to the role specific skills and knowledge your staff will develop during their training, they will also gain general skills. Communication, teamwork, problem solving, initiative, planning and organising, self-management, learning and technology.

Qualification Pathways

There are qualification pathways available for individuals at every level. Pathways exist in all industry areas. They enable individuals to progress sequentially, achieving higher skills and knowledge at each level.

The vocational training sector delivers qualifications from Certificate I up to Advanced Diploma. The higher education sector delivers qualifications from Diploma to Post Graduate Degrees.

AVTES delivers up to the Advanced Diploma level - the highest level possible for registered training providers. This means that your staff can access a study and career path up to senior management level with AVTES. 

Check out our Course List for all our courses.