Fees and charges information

Fees and Charges Information 2020

Terms and Conditions for all Enrolments

This is AVTES fees and charges information for 2020. Tuition fees are advised via the Statement of Fees flyers provided prior to enrolment and detailed at the course level on the AVTES website. Please see our individual course outlines via our Course List for specific fees, or alternatively access a fee schedule here or contact our office on 1300 764 418. The student tuition fees are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Tuition fees apply for the course duration referred to as the enrolment period.

Tuition fees are applied over the course duration referred to as an enrolment period, as detailed on individual training plans.

Please Note: Where an enrolment period expires before course completion a new enrolment period will need to be applied with fees for remaining units to be charged at the current fee rate.

Credit transfers: A $10 administration fee per unit applies to equivalent Credit Transfers issued by other RTOs.

Additional fees: An additional fee will apply where students are enrolled in supplementary units or expired enrolment periods.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): All participants will be required to pay the published fee for RPL enrolments.

Fee For Service (FFS) Tuition Fees

Students enrolling in Fee for Service training are charged in line with the above information and in line with non-subsidised rates.

Skills First Program (SFP) Tuition Fees

Enrolments in the Skills First Program subsidised training program require a fee contribution to cover the full costs of the program. All participants will be required to pay a tuition fee for government funded programs as detailed in the AVTES Fee Schedule for the current year and the Statement of Fees supplied prior to enrolment.

These fees are applicable for the course duration set by AVTES and detailed on individual training plans, after which time changes to fees may apply. Student enrolling in SFP subsidised training are charged in line with the above information and in line with subsidised rates. Published fees are based on qualification program hours and tuition fees may vary depending on units/hours undertaken, elective changes and student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

Skills First Program (SFP) Fee Concessions

Tuition fee concessions are available to eligible concession card holders, the dependent spouse or the dependent child of a concession card holder. Participants who are, at the commencement of training, in receipt of any of the following cards are eligible for fee concessions:

  • Commonwealth Health Care Card
  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Veteran’s Gold Card
  • An alternative card or concession eligibility criterion approved by the Minister

Note: Appropriate evidence of benefit status must be provided before a fee concession is granted and prior to commencement of training. You must provide your original or alternative card to be sighted at the enrolment visit or your next scheduled visit is allowable, and the proof of concession must be valid at the time of commencement of training. Should appropriate evidence not be provided in line with these requirements, the non-concession fee will apply and be charged. Concession entitlement eligibility is re-tested where fees are not charged in one instance. Not applicable to part payments.

Indigenous Completion Initiative: Concession fees apply in all categories.

Note: Students who are eligible for fee concessions will be charged 20% of the full tuition fee and be subject to eligibility testing each time a tuition fee is charged. Fee concessions only apply to Certificate IV level or below. Fee concessions are not available for courses at diploma level or above, or when tuition fees are being paid by an Australian Government agency or as part of a Commonwealth program or initiative. Concession card holders will be charged at the rate of 20% of the full fee.

Skills First Program (SFP) Fee Waivers / Exemptions

Eligible individuals are entitled to have their enrolment fees waived provided the following criteria are met:

  • Judy Lazarus Transition Centre
  • Young people on community based orders

In order to be granted a fee waiver an original Job Seeker form must be sighted and a copy retained.

Fee Collection and Payment Terms

Tuition fees are applied over the course duration and due and payable as per terms detailed on the tax invoice. Tuition fees are charged after commencement of the training program, with no fees required in advance. Short courses and single unit enrolment fees are charged and collected in advance.

Student Payment Conditions

Tuition fees are due and payable upon receipt of invoice/s according to the terms of the invoice.

Employer Payment Conditions

Payments made by employers are negotiated in line with our fees and charges and due and payable upon the terms detailed on the tax invoice. Payments must be adhered to and payment made by the due date or AVTES reserves the right to suspend or withdraw the student from their training program.

Payment Methods

Payment methods include direct debit, EFT transfer, cash, cheque (please make ensure that it is made payable to AVTES) or credit card payment or a direct bank deposit. A direct debit application is included in the enrolment pack and where this method is used the application must be completed and returned prior to commencement of training. AVTES reserves the right not to commence training if this payment method option is requested and the Direct Debit form is not signed and returned promptly. Direct debit payments up to a maximum 6 X monthly instalments for Tuition fees are available. Direct debit arrangements must be adhered to with payment made by the due date or AVTES reserves the right to suspend or withdraw the student from their training program.

Overdue Fees

Where payment terms are not adhered to AVTES reserves the right to suspend or withdraw training. Overdue fees may be referred to a debt collection agency for recovery.


  1. If a student withdraws, by written notice, from training at any time up until 4 weeks after the commencement date, a refund or adjustment of the tuition fee will occur, less an administration charge and any other fees and charges paid by or on behalf of the student.
  2. No refund is payable if withdrawal is over 4 weeks after the commencement date of training.
  3. If training is cancelled by AVTES at any time during the period of the student’s enrolment, a refund of fees will occur.
  4. AVTES reserves the right to grant refunds in other circumstances.
  5. In the event of closure AVTES will refund the portion of the tuition fees applicable to services which have not been used in training prior to the date of closure.

Re-Issue Qualification Certificates and Statements of Attainment

Where a Qualification Certificate or Statement of Attainment is requested to be re-issued a minimum charge of $40.00 will apply. We suggest that you keep your certificates in a safe place to avoid losing or misplacing them. Please ensure we have your correct address on record for forwarding your certificates.

Consumer Rights

All students have rights in accordance with Commonwealth and State Consumer Law. In the event of closure or ceasing to deliver any part of the training product a student enrolled in AVTES will offer refunds to learners in accordance with AVTES Refund policy and students will be issued with a Statement of Attainment that records units of competencies successfully completed to date. Competencies issued to a student since 2015 are available on the students’ authenticated VET transcripts via the USI System and you can give AVTES authority to view these. AVTES will ensure where requested by a regulator accurate student records are provided in a timely manner.

Service guarantee

With the full cooperation of all parties in meeting their respective responsibilities and the full payment of all due fees, AVTES guarantees to complete the training and assessment once the student has commenced study in their chosen qualification or course.