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How To Find The Right Staff: 5 Steps To Recruitment Success

By Sarah Fitzgibbon

April 6, 2018



I often hear hospitality employers say they can’t find good staff.

I get it. Hiring is a challenging process. And in the hospitality industry where retention is also difficult, hiring the wrong employee is costly – in terms of money, time, and potentially your business.

Hiring the right employee though, that is an investment in employee productivity, a positive work culture, accomplishing goals and business profitability.

So how do you find the right staff?

Simply follow these 5 steps to recruitment success and you’ll be finding the right employees in no time…

  1. Know what you’re hiring for

So many business owners get stressed with the need to hire a new person that they don’t take the time to really think about who they need. Have a position description – it will help you and the applicants establish the best fit for the role.

  • List tasks and responsibilities that the employee will be responsible for.
  • Identify the relevant award category or pay rate.
  • Include some points about your business, after all you’re also selling the job to the prospective employee and they will want to know why they should want to work for you.
  • Having selection criteria will also help you and any potential applicants determine suitability for the role.
  1. Use the right attraction strategies

How are you going to find this new employee?

  • In-house signs – the cheapest method is simply putting up a sign in your venue. If you’re looking for entry level employees this can work well. The type of people that enjoy your venue probably share the same values and those that notice the sign will likely live nearby, so distance to work won’t be a problem.
  • Social media – you can post on your business social media, or there are lots of industry boards out there frequented by professionals looking for work.
  • Your network – use your network. Industry contacts, your linked in connections, and even your existing staff. Referrals can work really well as they tend to share values and work ethics.
  • Advertising – advertising is the most expensive option. It works particularly well for senior positions, or if you want to get a large pool of resume’s for seasonal casuals.
  1. Use a recruitment checklist

Having a system, even one as simple as a checklist, helps you (and others) keep track of recruitment efforts, which can quickly become overwhelming in a hospitality business.

  • Download one for free here.
  1. Shortlist candidates

  • Do a phone screening first. You will save yourself a lot of time doing this. While someone might look good on paper, they may come across very differently in conversation. During a phone call you can determine their pay expectations, whether they understand the role, and whether their experience matches the job requirements.
  • Hire for attitude rather than skills – in hospitality attitude is key. Skills can always be taught. Make sure that they share your values and will fit in with your team.
  • Ask the right questions – In an interview you should be asking questions that help you identify the right person for the role and your business. Questions like “what prompted you to apply for this role” and “tell me about your greatest achievement at work” will help you determine their values and their approach to work.
  • Conduct reference checks! – It’s amazing how many employers forget to do this. You may feel like you’ve made your mind up, but please double check their references. You might just save yourself a lot of time, money and stress.
  1. Get your paperwork in order

  • Once you’ve decided on a candidate make an offer. You will likely negotiate a start date, possibly a trial, and employment terms and conditions such as leave and pay rates. Then a formal offer should occur with a letter of employment detailing what you agreed on. Don’t forget to forward the paperwork to payroll and let the team know of the new appointment.
  • Notify unsuccessful candidates – it’s common courtesy, and will prevent your time wasted with follow ups.

If you’re ready to take the next step in creating your perfect team contact AVTES now.

Sarah Fitzgibbon

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