February 27

AVTES Students Recognised Amongst Nations Best


AVTES Students Recognised Finalsts in Fonterra Proud to be a Chef competition.

AVTES is proud to announce that 3 apprentice chefs undertaking training with AVTES have been recognised in the national Fonterra Proud to be a Chef competition.

The following apprentices were selected as one of 32 finalists from a pool of competitors for their skill, commitment to their profession and passion for food;

AVTES was started in Warrnambool 20 years ago by husband and wife Chris and Louise Fitzgibbon and has grown to be one of the best and most recognised providers of hospitality training in the state.

AVTES specialises in on-the-job training where a trainer visits the workplace and conducts training delivery and assessment.

The method suits many hospitality businesses who don’t want to send their apprentices to trade school, or who want to be involved in what and how an apprentice is learning.

Director Chris Fitzgibbon says “there is a perception that on-the-job training isn’t as good as a trade school environment, or that students are isolated and not learning the same skills. This proves that on-the-job training works and works well. These are top restaurants using this method – Saint Crispin is a 2 hat restaurant.”

“AVTES has trained 3 out of 10 of Victoria’s finalists – that’s 30%!,” Chris says. “What a fantastic achievement. We are training more of the finalists than any other Victorian training provider or TAFE. Our team, and especially our trainers should be proud of their students and themselves, I am.”

The 3 apprentice chefs join another 29 national finalists.

Finalists will participate in a 4 day event in Melbourne from 18th February 2018, where a winner will be announced.

Highlights of the program will include:

  • Masterclasses – A mixture of hands on and demonstrative classes.
  • Fine dining – Expose to a range of dining styles and cuisines and a chance to experience the other side of the kitchen, in restaurants that are often unattainable on an apprentice chef’s wage.
  • International Culinary Scholarship for the winner – tailored to their individual aspirations as a professional chef.

AVTES has provided additional support for the apprentices to assist in their competition preparations. A workshop with Executive Chef Tom Milligan was arranged for the 3 apprentices to provide advice on competing and judging practices. AVTES trainers have also provided additional cookery advice and training.

Apprentices and hospitality business owners and managers who would like more information about the on-the-job apprenticeship model can get in touch via the contact page.



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