September 15

AVTES Proves Industry Leader Status In Recent Report


AVTES Proves Industry Leader Status In Recent Benchmarking Report

The AQIS Benchmarking Survey is conducted annually and reports on a range of quality indicators for training providers.

It is an optional process that only quality training providers typically participate in. Every year, AVTES provides results from all our employer and student surveys over the preceding year to track our performance against other industry leading providers. We think its important to verify our performance for ourselves and also for our customers.

AVTES prides ourselves on our high quality business, which ensures you get exceptional training to suit your needs. We’re proud to report that we achieved higher than average in ALL CATEGORIES for 2014. Here’s a snapshot of what we see as the most interesting stats.

  • 95% Trainer Quality Score – AVTES achieved an employer rating of 95% (compared to the industry average of 83%). This is because we employ the industry’s finest, with extensive relevant experiece, and that means you get relevant expert advice and skills within your business.
  • 92% Overall Satisfaction Rating – AVTES achieved an employer rating of 92% (compared to industry average of 83%). We work hard to establish your real needs and work with you to deliver real outcomes.

Check out the full report here.


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