May 9

457 Visas – What Should Your Hospitality Business Do Now?


Wondering what your hospitality business should do now that the 457 visas program has been axed?

Read on to find out how to restructure your workforce and end up better off.

The Changes

By now you probably know that the 457 visas are being axed. (You can check out all the official government information here.) It will be replaced by a short term skilled shortage visa covering 2-4 years. Cookery will still be on that list, but the path to permanent residency no longer exists.

So will this affect your hotel? You bet!

How It Affects You

Any hotel that currently employs 457 visa workers will be affected. Whilst you are still able to employ international workers under the new program, you will likely find that the number of applicants will be greatly reduced as the pathway to citizenship no longer exists.

What To Do

So what should you do?

First off, don’t despair! This is a great opportunity to restructure your workforce. Positive changes you make could reinvigorate your business and address typical hospitality staffing issues such as performance, retention, reliability, morale, and even attitude.

Top Tips

Here’s my top 3 tips for strengthening your workforce;

  1. Move casual staff to part-time – I’ve been saying this for a long time, but now more than ever you should consider restructuring your employment arrangement from casual to part-time. An ongoing arrangement generates commitment from both sides. You’ll see more reliability in your staff and more loyalty as they won’t be looking for something better just in case. Also, part-time workers are eligible for training subsidies.
  2. Ensure good working conditions – Position yourself as an employer of choice by providing good conditions and you will see it reflected in the quality of staff you attract and the quality of their performance. Put in place reasonable work hours, adequate breaks and prompt payment.
  3. Train your staff – Train new staff appropriately. Provide regular performance feedback. Look to fill knowledge or skill gaps by training your existing staff. Training and development will improve staff performance and confidence. Accredited training programs can also aid in retention as they usually go over an extended period of time. There are a lot of training subsidies available at the moment for both front and back of house, from front line to supervisory and management. You can check out current funding opportunities here.

Hospitality is a service industry, and ultimately your success is dependent on the performance of your staff. So you must consider your workforce as an investment.

Focussing on developing and retaining staff will save you time and money. Without constant recruitment strain and waiting for staff to get up to speed, you can build a cohesive team and focus on growing your business.

More Information

If you’d like to discuss strengthening your workforce in light of changes to 457 visas and taking advantage of the funding available at the moment to train your staff please contact Chris Fitzgibbon on 0477 771 334 or chris@avtes.com.au.


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