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Customer Experience

Customer Experience


How scary!

A positive customer experience is essential to not only your customer satisfaction and their loyalty, but more importantly your business’ profitability and ultimate success (or otherwise).

We help hospitality business owners and managers like you to build their businesses with awesome customer experiences.

We do this through our ‘Customer Experience Program’ advanced one-on-one program, and ‘Customer Experience Success’ online training program.

You can check out the strategies we use in these programs in our FREE DOWNLOAD [Customer Experience Guide]. In it, we share strategies that have been responsible for generating increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and spend, helping hospitality business achieve the success they’re looking for.

With it, you’ll be able to create amazing customer experiences, maximising your customer loyalty and spend to build your hospitality business.A good customer experience is vital to your customer satisfaction, retention and ultimately your profit and success.

What exactly is ‘customer experience’?

Customer experience can include a lot of elements, but it really comes down to the perception the customer has of your business.

It is made up of every interaction they have with your people, your product (or service), and the way it’s delivered.

So when a customer visits your web site, calls your cafe, goes to your restaurant, talks to one of your employees, buys something from you, receives your emails — that’s part of their customer experience.

Customer experience is how you make customers feel, and it’s based on your actions vs. their expectations – when you exceed customer expectations you deliver ‘great customer experience.’ When you lag customer expectations you deliver ‘bad customer experience.’

Why should you care about your customer experience?

Every business provides a customer experience.

Your business does too, regardless of whether you create it consciously.

A recent study by Harvard Business Review found that In transaction-based businesses, customers who had the best experiences spent 140% more than customers who had the worst experiences – that’s almost 2.5 X!

But only 1% of business deliver an excellent customer experience!

So if you can figure out how to integrate a delightful customer experience across all your touch points, you could blitz all your competition!

How can we help?

Put simply – we can help you create an excellent customer experience…

No matter what your brand or niche or target market is…

So you can be in that top 1%…

And enjoy increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and 140% higher spend…

Book your FREE DISCOVERY CALL NOW to discuss which of the options would suit your business needs best.

Customer experience CHECK-UP

Personalised customer experience audit of your venue.



  • Combination phone, email and face-to-face communication
  • Initial phone consultation
  • Standard evaluation
  • 1 visit to your venue
  • Soft copy report with recommendations via email
customer experience mastery

Customised one-on-one program.



  • Combination phone, email and face-to-face communication
  • Initial phone consultation
  • Custom evaluation
  • 3 visits to your venue
  • Hard and soft copy reports provided in person

Customer Experience Add-Ons

  • Ongoing or additional follow-up secret diner visits with review reports
  • Staff training
  • Systems development and implementation
  • $ - Detailed costings available upon request

Why Use AVTES?

  • Fully customised program to suit your business needs
  • Visits conducted by industry professionals
  • Recommendations provided
  • End-to-end solutions available 
  • Accredited and non-accredited training provided
  • Registered training organisation with current government funding contract

Book your FREE DISCOVERY CALL NOW to discuss what option would suit your business needs best.