July 27


New Hospitality Leadership Program – Getting Great Results for Business

By Sarah Fitzgibbon

July 27, 2022

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If you want a successful hospitality business.

One where you aren’t needed to work on the floor every day.

You need a great team. 

And a great team needs great leadership.

The Problem With Leadership

Leaders set the tone for the team culture and business performance.

But all too often, supervisors and managers end up in leadership positions without the training to develop the skills and knowledge they need. Think about your leadership team…

Does your hospitality business suffer from any of these?

  • Low customer satisfaction and sales
  • Difficulty retaining employees
  • Poor team morale

These problems are costing you. Costing you not only sales, but adding unnecessary costs – for example did you know it costs you 50-150% of an annual wage to replace an employee?

Fortunately, these skills can be learned – great leaders are made, not born.

Great Leaders are Made, Not Born

And AVTES has been getting impressive results with our innovative Hospitality Leadership Program.

Recent management and leadership training conducted for 40 managers at a major Victorian Hospitality group provided the following survey results:

  • 97% of participants rated their ability to lead others improved because of the training AVTES provided.
  • 100% of participants stated that AVTES leadership training would provide benefit for other supervisors and managers to undertake it.


“AVTES’ training program has been great value to our club, with an increase in sales of well over half a million dollars”

Stephen De Martin, previous General Manager of Warrnambool Bowls Club

In addition, Stephen noted the following outcomes:

  • a culture of knowledge sharing
  • knowledge and skills development leading to confident staff
  • improved operations and overall performance of staff

For managers and workers alike, time is often in short supply—and a “pressured and anxious” manager, untrained in the fundamentals of leadership, can often without meaning to stir stress and anxiety in others.

The Solution – AVTES’ Hospitality Leadership Program

AVTES’ Hospitality Leadership Program contains immediately actionable strategies, offering steps to break cycles of becoming overwhelmed due to a lack of trust or time or other factors.

It answers questions that challenge new as well as experienced managers, such as:

  • How do you have more time and less stress in your work life?
  • What do I need to do to get people to follow me?
  • How can I give negative feedback and get good results?
  • How do I develop a high-performance team culture?
  • Am I missing anything that will allow me to work smarter?

This training gives supervisors and managers the tools they need to be a confident, effective manager. In straightforward terms, with practical easy to follow steps.

AVTES Leadership Trainer Peter Irvine states “we train managers in how to achieve positive outcomes from difficult situations in the real world. We provide simple easy to understand tools that get great results.”

Find Out More

If you’d like to find out more about this outstanding new program – The Hospitality Leadership Program – get in touch now.

Sarah Fitzgibbon

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