Skills First Program

The Skills First Program is the Victorian Government's new approach to training. From January 2017, Skills First will give students of all ages, high quality training with skills employers are looking for.

Eligibility for subsidised training remains available to individuals who are undertaking accredited training to upskill. While a person keeps moving up the qualification scale, the Skills First Program will continue to subsidise their training. You can see the full information here.

What this means for you is that AVTES is able to offer government funded courses to all individuals who meet the eligibility criteria. This means small business owners, existing employees, casual employees, and even unemployed individuals. They were previously ineligible. But can now access government funded training at a fraction of the usual cost.

Eligibility for access to government subsidised places depends on factors such as age and prior education. For people aged up to 20 - Government funding will be available for training at any qualification level.  For people aged 20 and over - Government funding will be available for training for any qualification higher than the qualifications already held.

To confirm you eligibility please view the eligibility flowchart on the right. Or contact us on 1300 764 418 to confirm.

For a list of available courses and prices visit our Courses page and check out the qualification section.

Training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding where eligible.

*Disadvantaged students are encouraged to apply for all AVTES courses.

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