Customer Experience


How scary!

Like it or not, reviews have the power to make or break your hospitality business. A positive customer experience is essential to not only your customer satisfaction and their loyalty, but more importantly your business’ profitability and ultimate success (or otherwise).

We help hospitality business owners and managers like you to build their businesses with awesome customer experiences.

We experienced an increase in sales of well over half a million dollars and I credit a lot of that to the staff. 

Stephen De Martin

Warrnambool Bowls Club

The restaurants who undertook training recorded high scores in a mystery shopper rating, averaging 95%. 

Debbie Fox, Switch Lifestyle Venues

What exactly is ‘customer experience’?

Customer experience can include a lot of elements, but it really comes down to the perception the customer has of your business.

It is made up of every interaction they have with your people, your product (or service), and the way it’s delivered.

Why should you care about your customer experience?

A recent study by Harvard Business Review found that In transaction-based businesses, customers who had the best experiences spent 140% more than customers who had the worst experiences – that’s almost 2.5 X!

But only 1% of business deliver an excellent customer experience!

So if you can figure out how to integrate a delightful customer experience across all your touch points, you could blitz all your competition!

How can we help?

Put simply – we can help you create an excellent customer experience…

No matter what your brand or niche or target market is…

So you can be in that top 1%…

And enjoy increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and 140% higher spend…

Customer Experience Services


Download our FREE Customer Experience Guide. In it, you'll discover;

  • What customer experience is and why its crucial to your business success (or otherwise)!
  • Get our exact system used to discover and improve your customer experience.
  • Learn how an outstanding customer experience can help you 2.5X your customer spend. 

Customised one-on-one program. (Australian based businesses only)



  • Initial face-to-face consultation
  • Custom evaluation design
  • 2 initial visits to your venue
  • Report with improvement strategy 
  • Custom training sessions 3 X 2h
  • 1 follow up visit to your venue
  • Review report 

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