Food Handling Skill Set

Food Handling Skill Set

This course includes the nationally accredited unit SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety. This unit is required by anyone who directly handles food or food contact surfaces, including chefs, kitchen hands, caterers, and food and beverage attendants should complete this course.
This is an online course delivered via an online learning platform and as such has technology requirements and support limitations noted in the course information that you need to review and consider. You are responsible for and must have access to these requirements to do this course. We strongly recommend if you do not have access to the technology requirements, are unsure of or inexperienced with using a web-based platform such as those used in online learning environments you should not enrol in this course. This course has a specified duration as noted in the course information and fees are payable at enrolment.

Who should do this course?
Anyone who directly handles food or food contact surfaces such as cutlery, plates and bowls during the course of their daily work activities. This includes cooks, chefs, caterers, kitchen stewards, kitchen hands, food and beverage attendants and sometimes room attendants and front office staff. This course applies to all tourism, hospitality and catering organisations with permanent or temporary kitchen premises or smaller food preparation or bar areas.

Please note this course has a practical assessment which requires you to have access to a commercial kitchen to perform relevant hygienic food handling practices.

The workplace must have:
  • A commercial food preparation area;
  • Large and small equipment
  • Real workplace documentation that complies with the requirements of Safety Standard 3.2.2 Food Safety Practices and General Requirements as per Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

If you are not currently working within the industry, you may be able to volunteer at another workplace to complete your assessment tasks.

What does the course cover?
The course covers the skills and knowledge required to use personal hygiene practices to prevent contamination of food that might cause food-borne illnesses in the preparation and provision of food products and services to customers and the general public.

How long does the course take?
This is a self-paced online course. However, it must be completed within 4 weeks from enrolment. The time needed to complete this course is 6-15 hours depending on your past experience and learning ability.
Please note: your 4-week enrolment period begins upon enrolment.

This course has 2 assessment requirements.
  1. Knowledge Test – self-marking multiple-choice test
  2. Practical Assessment – demonstration of hygienic food handling practices
Technical requirements
To complete this course, you require access to a computer which uses a recent operating system (e.g. Windows 10), device or mobile phone and access to the internet and web browser (Google Chrome recommended). This course also requires you to have good to excellent digital capability with experience using web browsers and navigating within web-based platforms as this course is delivered solely in an online format. You will enrol online and access a web-based learning platform and student portal to undertake the course.

Available Support
Support with an experienced Trainer is available via email should you need help with the coursework or assessment requirements. General IT support and troubleshooting is not part of our course support and if needed will be your responsibility to source.

What certification will students get?
Participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded a Statement of Attainment for the unit of competency with the wording This unit of competency from the SIT Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package provides a set of skills to work hygienically when handling food. Please note that certification requirements apply at a state and territory level to individuals involved in food handling. Food safety legislative and knowledge requirements may differ across borders.

Cancellation of enrolment
Please note that you will be charged the full enrolment fee upon enrolment.
Should you wish to cancel your enrolment prior to commencing coursework a cancellation fee of $50 will apply.
Should you wish to cancel your enrolment after commencing any coursework there is no refund payable.

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