Hotel Warrnambool Success Story

Hotel Warrnambool Owner Steven Phillpot and AVTES Director Chris Fitzgibbon

Warrnambool pub Hotel Warrnambool, has been one of AVTES client’s since they first started in 1998.

Here, we sit down with Hotelier, Steven Phillpot, and talk about his experience with training.

Q - What kinds of training have you done with AVTES?

“We’ve done a lot of training over the years. From apprentices and chefs to floor staff and supervisors. I think we’ve had about 30 staff do training with AVTES.”

Q - How important is staff training for Hotel Warrnambool?

“We find training is important in keeping good staff. They see us investing in them, and they are motivated by it. The skills they pick up from their training make them more confident in their job.”

Q - What do you like most about AVTES’ on-the-job training model?

“The on-the-job model is great for us because I don’t lose my apprentices from the kitchen for training time so it’s more productive for the business.”

Q - What benefits have you seen from training your staff?

“ It’s helped us develop our key staff into competent supervisors and managers. That means they need less direction from me and I’m confident they know how to do their job."

Q -  What the best thing about dealing with AVTES?

“I like the personal attention I get with AVTES, Chris is always around if I have any questions or concerns.”

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