Flying Horse Bar & Brewery Success Story

Going the extra mile with staff training pays off for Flying Horse Bar and Brewery.

Flying Horse Bar and Brewery apprentice Justin Carroll was recently selected as one of only 12 finalists from Australia to compete in the 2016 Les Toques Blanches Award for Excellence. 

Head Chef Peter Inverarity Talks Apprenticeships & A Youth Approach

Competitions Good For Apprentices

Justin’s employer The Flying Horse Bar and Brewery and Head Chef Peter Inverarity were very supportive of his competing. “It’s great experience for an apprentice to go to Melbourne and meet some of the top executive chefs. They get a real confidence boost from seeing that they can do just as well as the kids in the city.”

Head Chef Peter Inverarity says networks are essential to boosting apprenticeship completion rates. Apprenticeship withdrawal rates for cookery are around 70%. Peter says “it’s a tough industry to work in. These kids need support to get them through the first few years.” He added “competitions are a great way for them to develop a network. They meet other people going through the same things as them.”

Peter also sees competitions as being beneficial to the business. “It’s also a chance for us to build up the profile for The Flying Horse as well as develop and maintain our own network.”

History of Training Excellence

The Flying Horse Bar and Brewery has a history of training excellence in their workplace. They won AVTES’ Employer of the Year Award in 2012. The continue to demonstrate a strong commitment to training their staff. With multiple apprentices enrolled at all times and playing an active role in their training.  They value the way AVTES’ on-the-job training model fits into their operations. It allows them to focus on the skills that are important to their business. They also appreciate their close relationship with their AVTES Trainer.

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Head Chef Peter draws on his 40+ years experience in the food industry to ensure the multiple apprentices who work at Flying Horse Bar and Brewery have opportunities like Justin to build their confidence and career as a chef.

Peter schedules regular in-house training sessions to support the practical components of the on-the-job training program. Often ordering in whole fish and chickens to demonstrate and give the apprentices the chance to practice filleting and de-boning. He also makes stocks, soups and sauces from scratch with the apprentices. They have the job of producing pastries and desserts daily.

Peter’s success with his team shows how important the role of Head Chef is on apprenticeships and the hugely positive impact they can have on apprentices.

If you’d like to discuss how on-the-job apprenticeships could work in your business please contact AVTES on 0477 771 334 or info@avtes.com.au.