September 21

7 Things You Need To Know To Increase The Profitability of Your Commercial Kitchen


Any attempt to increase profitability in your business requires new skills.

Think about it… if your business isn’t performing how you want, there is a gap. A gap between what is actually being produced and your desired results. So what is that gap? That gap is skills and knowledge. It might not be yours, it might be a single team member, or it may be the whole team.

If you’re looking to improve the profitability of your commercial kitchen, whether you’re a restaurant, pub, club, cafe, aged care home, or any other place with a commercial kitchen – you need to build skills and knowledge in your team.

So how can you do this? Read on to find out!

  1. Identify the skills and knowledge you need – to improve the performance of your kitchen? For most commercial kitchens this includes;
    • menu design
    • menu costing
    • stock control
    • financial management
    • recruitment
    • rostering
    • coaching others
    • team leadership
    • conflict resolution…
  2. There is a qualification that teaches all that – it’s called Certificate IV in Kitchen Management (SIT40521) and its the nationally recognised qualification for supervisory chefs. It used to be called Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery but was updated in 2021.
  3. It is the next step for career chefs – this is the best way for chefs to upskill and advance their career and earning potential. It is for anyone who has completed a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, or who has experience working in kitchens. It is also a requirement of most Aged Care positions.
  4. There is up to $15,000 wage subsidy – available to employers where eligible employers may access 10% of wages for the 1st and 2nd years – up to $1,500 per quarter, and 5% of the wages for the 3rd year – up to $750 per quarter.
  5. There may be additional financial incentives of up to $4,000 – available to employers where eligible (Confirm this with an Austrtalian Apprenticeship Support Network who sign the training contracts between students, employers and training providers).
  6. Chefs can undertake training in the workplace – workplace based training means chefs can do the course one-on-one training at your venue, and self-paced online learning. There is no travelling to attend classes at inconvenient times, or costly replacement of staff.
  7. Enrolment is 50% OFF at the moment – for a limited time only AVTES is offering 50% off enrolment in this qualification where undertaken as an apprenticeship. See here for full details and to register.


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