Recognition of Prior Learning

Do you have skills and knowledge that you’ve already developed? Perhaps through;

  • previous training,
  • work experience,
  • or volunteer or community work.

These skills and knowledge you already have can be recognised towards an accredited qualification. Providing you with more career opportunities and earning potential.


What is RPL and how does it work?

RPL stands for recognition of prior learning. It is one of the ways that we can assess your competency in a unit or qualification. If you have existing skills or knowledge, RPL can help reduce coursework required to complete a qualification.

You will need to provide evidence for us to assess your existing skills and knowledge towards the unit or qualification you’d like to complete. Then we assess  your competence using the evidence you provide. Where the evidence proves your competence, it reduces or eliminates the need for coursework and enables you to complete your course more quickly.

How to get RPL?

Discuss with Trainer Assessor

You discuss with an expert AVTES Trainer Assessor your existing skills and knowledge obtained through either formal and/or informal means. Together, we determine which units within a qualification your skills and knowledge match up with. Then you work through the process to identify what you need to demonstrate to achieve the RPL.

RPL Evidence 

You will then be provided with information on your RPL. The information outlines the evidence you need to provide to prove your skills and knowledge and support your RPL application. You submit your supporting RPL evidence to your Trainer Assessor. Some examples of evidence that can support the process include:

  • CV, resume or work history
  • previous position descriptions
  • certificates/statement of results
  • diaries
  • industry awards
  • log books
  • membership of relevant professional associations
  • pay slips
  • performance appraisals
  • references/letters
  • work examples or projects

RPL Outcome and Result

You are awarded a result of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) upon satisfactory assessment of your skills and knowledge. Unsatisfactory completion requires consultation with your Trainer Assessor to discuss the best approach for successful completion.


Candidates may apply for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) on one unit of competency or a whole qualification. Fees are detailed on the AVTES website at the program level with RPL charged in line with the relevant program tuition fee rate.