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You're a hospitality business owner or manager...

Hospitality is a special industry - it provides a place for human connection, which is incredibly important. And you contribute to this with your business.

The success of your hospitality business depends on having the right systems in place. Smart systems that deliver real results for your business - cost savings, productivity and profits - across your operations, team, marketing, and customers experience. So you can;

  • have staff that are happy to come to work and motivated to do a good job
  • get great customer reviews and loyal return customers that are happy to pay top dollar
  • take time to step back and focus on whatever you want - growing your business, spending time with family, exploring other opportunities...

Well, the good news is that is possible. We know because we've helped over 800 hospitality businesses do just that.

Hotel Warrnambool Owner Steven Phillpot and AVTES Director Chris Fitzgibbon

Here’s what people are saying about Hospitality Success School:

Dean Normington

Black Rhino, Group Ops Mgr 

3 of our last Venue Managers were part of the Leadership Program

“As our skilled employees improve, they are encouraged to take on more responsibilities. 3 of our last appointments to Venue Managers were part of the Leadership Program.”

Leah Gill

Emerge Dining, Restauranteur 

We increased weekly covers by 75% within 3 months

"We increased weekly covers by 75% within 3 months. We're now booked out most Friday and Saturday nights."

Adrian Alexander

Cervo, Restauranteur

It gives me freedom to step back, look at opportunities and spend time with family

"The best thing about having the team involved in my business is that it gives me the freedom to step back  and work on the business, to look at other opportunities and importantly spend time with my family."

AVTES working with hospitality businesses since 1998

We can help you build your dream hospitality business...

We've been delivering hospitality training for over 20 years now to your staff, in the form of apprenticeships and traineeships. In that time we've won awards for our quality service, are renowned for our expertise, and most importantly we've helped over 800 hospitality business achieve great results.

During that time we've learned that hospitality business owners and managers need flexible, practical, straight forward training in specific areas - marketing, systems, leadership...

We know you don't have the time or money to spend on learning things that aren't completely relevant to you and your immediate needs in building your successful business. 

So we created something new - especially for hospitality business owners and managers like you... Hospitality Success School!

Here’s what our clients find most valuable...

Matt Nicola

Pubco, Group Auditor

The lift in morale across management teams has been invaluable to the business

“Having training in our business has been great for the PubCo Group. The lift in morale across management teams as a result of training programs has been invaluable to the business.” 

Lyn Blight

Hilton South Wharf, HR Director

Were very effective in up-skilling employees and clearly linked to financial incentives.

"The recommended training options were very effective in up-skilling employees as well as clearly linked to financial incentives.”

Stephen Phillpot

Hotel Warrnambool, Publican

It's helped us develop our key staff into competent supervisors and managers

"It’s helped us develop our key staff into competent supervisors and managers. That means that they need less direction from me and I’m confident they know how to do their job."

Hospitality Success School is different...

Over the last 20 years working with hospitality business owners and managers just like you, we've developed straight-forward systems that WORK!

We break these down into easy to understand strategies and provide you with a full suite of ready-to-use templates and tools so you can implement in your business straight away.

We teach you only what you need to know. Because we know your time is precious. 

And you get access to the best hospitality business coaches around, with expertise across all the critical areas of your business - management, strategy, marketing, customer experience, selling at the table, kitchen profitability, menu design, leadership, staffing...

We are also an award winning Registered Training Organisation - which means we can not only show you how to create and implement the best systems, but we can train your staff in them too... and access government financial incentives to do so! Talk about win win win.

Signature Programs

Check out our business transforming programs below

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Service & Sales


This program is suitable for new and existing staff involved in customer service, such as Food & Beverage Attendants, Bar Attendants, Front Office Staff.

Workshop Session

Half-day workshop

Topics Covered

  • Develop and implement your own service sequence and standards
  • How to provide an excellent customer experience to increase customer loyalty
  • How to sell to the customer confidently and increase customer spend 


  • Printed materials and group feedback activities


  • $450 per participant
  • Minimum 8 participants
Induction Program


This program is suitable for new staff, within the first 3 months of employment.

Workshop Session

Half-day workshop

Topics Covered

  • Induction of new staff into company culture
  • Instruction in service sequence and standards
  • Presentation of Induction Manual and Checklist
  • Test


  • Staff Handbook, Induction Checklist, relevant manuals


  • $290 per participant
  • Minimum 12 participants
Hospitality Leadership


This program is suitable for existing and prospective supervisors and managers.

Workshop Session

Full-day workshop

Topics Covered

  • How to effectively lead a team
  • How to manage a team to get quality service results
  • How to give feedback to achieve positive results
  • How to work smarter and improve, to achieve goals


  • Workbook with practical tools and activities
  • P.W. Irvine's book 'Hour Guide to Management: The Fundamentals of Being an Effective Leader'


  • $450 per participant
  • Minimum 8 participants

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Success Stories

Stephen De Martin

Warrnambool Bowls Club, Mgr

We saw an increase in sales of well over half a million dollars.

"We experienced an increase in sales of well over half a million dollars and I credit a lot of that to the staff. Staff are confident in their roles and are motivated by having a recognised qualification."

Laura Anderson

Forage on the Foreshore, Owner

We got 10 stockists in two weeks. As well as selling online.

“Because we did the program with you, I learnt to focus on knowing our customer. We looked at who we're already connected with and the target market, and we approached them. And we got about 10 stockists in two weeks. As well as selling ourselves online.”

Debbie Fox

Switch Lifestyle, Finance Mgr

Those who undertook training recorded mystery shopper rating averaging 95%

"The restaurants who undertook training recorded high scores in a mystery shopper rating, averaging 95%. This sends a clear message to our management team about the value of investing in our staff."

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