Black Rhino Group Success Story

Group Operations Manager Dean Normington Talks Benefits of Training for Business

Dean Normington, Operations Manager at Black Rhino Group Talks About How Training Has Helped His Hospitality Business

Can you tell us about yourself and your business?

“I’m Dean Normington, Operations Manager for the Black Rhino Group.”

Why did you seek out AVTES?

“Black Rhino’s focus is to deliver exceptional service and position itself as the best offer in the local area. When we considered how we were going to achieve this we identified three focal points that would allow us to begin the journey in achieving this goal.

  • Firstly, physical and capital improvements to each of our sites to make them welcoming, safe and family friendly.
  • Next, provide the best internal offers, specifically products and services in all facets of our business which include entertainment, gaming, food and beverage.
  • Finally, our staff and management. Our intent is to offer training to aid the development and retention of our team and create a highly skilled and driven group that will take us forward.”

What made you choose, and continue to use, AVTES?

“AVTES were identified as a company we wanted to align with to provide excellent training programs that would upskill our leaders in the first instance and make us an employer of choice. The clear pathway that was presented to us showed a true opportunity for many employees to formalise their in-house skill set and grow as employees in the hospitality industry.”

“After the initial roll our of training we were encouraged by the update of the new skills attained by the students and they were able to pass on stronger skill sets and knowledge to all our staff and hence a higher standard of service was being delivered to our customers. When our customers have a great experience at any one of our hotels it engages them, and builds a relationship that will assist in growing our business.” 

What service does AVTES provide for your business?

“AVTES provides us with a great training program that is self-paced and can cover all levels of skill sets in our business. The training combines fundamentals and theory. In an industry that struggles to retain staff, we can offer further opportunities within each of our businesses as staff get a better grasp on all areas of operations. It provides us again with the opportunity to become an employer of choice by offering formal accreditation in our industry.”

What improvements, outcomes or benefits have your experienced since working with AVTES?


“Its hard to put into true dollar figures what the training has done for us, but when you have skilled, confident employees that can interact and engage customers, recommend products, up sell and improve the overall customer experience it is priceless.”

“As our skilled employees improve, they are encouraged to take on more responsibilities in the venue. With the support of the formal training provided by AVTES, they start a journey that can lead to supervisory and management roles. The higher skilled each of our employees become trasnsfers to genuine improvement in the experience our customers receive, this in turn grows each of our businesses.” 

Staff Retention

“Our management teams are growing in line with our business expansion. 3 of our last appointments to Venue Managers have been Assistant Managers that were part of the AVTES training program. That alone speaks volumes.”


“The biggest win in relation to improving skills has been that whether long term or new staff, they have all been able to take away new skills. These skills, whether product knowledge, customer service techniques, or financial review abilities ensure that staff are now interested in learning more and improving their own skills.”

“As an expanding business it is great to be able to set minimum standards through a program that is delivered with all key areas of our business being covered. As staff transfer or move within our business, these principles can be seen, and provide a comfort for staff and management that the skills they have acquired are transferable.” 

Staff Confidence

“A culture of knowledge an confidence means we are putting down the building blocks for a business that can promote from within, and therefore focus on expanding knowledge. As a position of responsibility becomes available we will have the team to fill the roles, and have confidence in them being able to manage our business.”

How do you feel about AVTES service?

“AVTES’ service is, in a word, exceptional. From the first moment we engaged AVTES we have found them to be great communicators, diligent in their processes and they have provided high level training for all our students. I work closely with the trainer Peter, he has kept me up to date with all our students progression, and has delivered an excellent program.”

“Black Rhino, through it’s engagement of AVTES as our preferred training provider, has seen a relationship that has us well on our journey to attain our goal of being an employer of choice in the hospitality industry.”

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