We'll help you build a successful hospitality business.

Hospitality is a tough businesses. Your somewhat limited geographically. And it's difficult to keep up with all the new business and marketing advice and tools out there. 

Hospitality Success Co. specialises in providing strategic business and marketing advice and assistance to the hospitality industry. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in reaching your business goals.

If you own or manage a hospitality business you probably know how important marketing is to your business. But do you have the time, expertise and resources to do it as well as you'd like?

If not, we'd love to help. 

Looking for a fixed marketing cost? 

Check out our cost effective packages in social media, email marketing and marketing strategy below.

Want to learn how to do it yourself?

We can show you how to do it. Check out our coaching programs.

Need us to get you setup for success?

Consider one of our done-for-you services, where we work closely with you in a proven system;

1. Plan - we meet and get to know your business and your needs. Then we create a plan to acheive your goals.

2. Action - we complete the agreen upon works, keeping in touch regularly to ensure things are progressing according to your needs.

3. Handover / Ongoing - we handover the assets that we've produced to you and your team, with relevant training videos provided. 

Keep scrolling for more detail. And don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss something customised to your needs.


Book a free marketing audit with our in-house marketing coach and get a custom report so you can get started.

Business & Marketing Strategy

The foundation of any business success is great planning. Set yourself up for success now!

If you don't have a plan, it's like going to an unknown destination with a map...

In achieving goals, it is essential that a plan be developed. This ensures that resources such as time, money and people power are used efficiently and effectively.

Strategy Packages - Get some help, or get us to do it for you. Check out the packages below to suit your needs.


hospitality marketing plan template download
Strategy Session



  • 30 minute one-on-one call with an expert
  • Custom 'Action Plan' provided
  • Implement the actions yourself

Coaching Program

Learn from the experts



  • 8 - module online program to complete at your own pace
  • Business Transformation Inclusions
  • 12 months monthly one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Monthly 'Action Plan' provided

Social Media

Social media is one of the most utilised marketing strategies in the hospitality industry. And for good reason. Social media for hospitality businesses is important. You can connect with your existing customers and find new ones. Your customers are not only talking about your restaurant or hotel online, they are promoting you, for free! It is also how many will discover you in the first place.

Social media should be one of your main marketing strategies. And it’s free to use. But without up to date knowledge, it's hard to know how to use it and do it most effectively. That's where we come in...

Consistency is key in effective marketing. Regular content provided to your audience across multiple platforms is simple, yet not easy. Designing content for each segment of your market and their needs takes a strategic approach.

A cross-platform strategy works best, reinforcing your messaging and maximising opportunities. In our experience working with hospitality businesses, local councils and industry associations we have found a mixture of social media, database building and email marketing is most effective.

We recommended the following Social Media Service Providers;

  • Social Media platforms for hospitality businesses - Facebook, Instagram
  • Social Media Schedulers - Hootsuite, Later, Buffer
  • Graphic Design - Canva

Please note, the following are not included with any of our social media packages;

  • provision of high quality images
  • ongoing CRM / Email fees
  • ongoing SM related fees (eg: scheduling platform)


social media fixes download


Let us set you up for success



  • Google Listing review and refresh
  • Social Media Profile review and refresh - Instagram & Facebook
  • Social Media Scheduler setup (your choice)
  • BONUS: Brand Setup on easy-to-use design platform Canva
  • BONUS: Social Media Templates X 10

Online Program

Learn hospitality marketing from the experts



  • Online coaching program.
  • Learn all the essentials to market your hospitality business successfully.
  • Get clarity on where you want to go and create a plan to get there.
  • Know where to spend your time and money.
  • Set up affordable, proven systems that work on autopilot.


Your website is the face of your brand. It forms the cornerstone of any marketing strategy as it serves as the place where all inquiries and campaigns are directed.

Our experience is in developing on-brand websites for hospitality service providers and hospitality businesses that are focussed on driving visitor action at all stages of the customer journey. We also have experience with implementation of different Learning Management Systems, membership platforms, and eCommerce facilities, and can guide you on the best option for your hospitality business.

Please note, the following are not included with any of our website packages;

  • high quality images
  • page copy / content
  • hosting fees
  • plugin fees

Recommended Service Providers;

  • For domains and hosting - GoDaddy or CrazyDomains
  • For websites - WordPress (also Shopify, SquareSpace, Wix)
  • CRM / Email Service Provider - MailChimp, Active Campaign

Get in touch if you'd like to discuss something customised to your needs.

The focus of entertaining is impressing others, the focus of true hospitality is serving others...


A Meal With Jesus



Let us set you us for success 



  • Purchase of Domain and setup of Hosting
  • Setup of website and custom theme
  • Coming Soon Page Design & Build
  • Integration with Email Service Provider/CRM and setup of subscribe form
  • Integration with Social Media Profiles

Email Marketing & Funnels

The most under-utilised marketing strategy in hospitality. It's cheap, easy and effective. Get on board now!

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to communicate an offer or message to your customers. Despite the fact that many people are overwhelmed by the volume of email received these days. It is a cheap, easy and effective marketing strategy. It is far easier, and cheaper, to retain customers that to find new ones. Especially in restaurants, pubs and hotels where the majority of your customers are geographically close.

With email marketing for hospitality businesses, you are connecting with existing customers that have demonstrated a desire to stay connected. With new tools available, automation and segmentation are easier than ever, making email marketing one of the best marketing strategies for hospitality businesses.

It takes a bit to get set up, but you'll be reaping the rewards for ages into the future. So, where do you start?

We've bundled up our services to help you out in the way that suits you. Whether you need a little help or a lot!


marketing funnel guide download


Let us set you up for success



  • Email Service Provider / CRM setup (your choice)
  • Integration with website and social media profiles
  • BONUS: 10 Must-Have Email Templates
  • BONUS: Newsletter Template (worth $297)

Done For You 

Let us build your custom marketing funnel




  • Custom sign-up offer for your business
  • Landing Page & Thank-you Page to suit your branding
  • Integration of CRM / Email Service Provider
  • BONUS: 10 Email Automations setup for you