Hospitality Leadership Program

Learn how to;
  • manage a team to acheive business goals
  • give negative feedback with postitive results
  • work smarter to reduce workplace stress

Hospitality Leadership Program


This program is suitable for existing and prospective supervisors and managers.

Topics Covered

This training provides insights into what effective leadership is, and how to manage a team to get quality service results. Models of behaviour are provided to participants that they can use as guides in their everyday working life. 

The program offers the opportunity for participants to practise and further develop their management and communication skills, while reflecting on real life examples and their own personal experiences. 

Leadership and the service experience 

The impact leadership has on the internal and external customer experience through:

  • Organisational culture 
  • Systems & standards 
  • Skills & knowledge Leading vs Managing 
  • Leadership as influence, coaching and mentoring 
  • Individual Leadership styles and Situational leadership 
  • Leadership and management definitions and models 
  • Organisational justice

Team members motivation factors 

Understanding what motivates people and the impact managers have on team members desire to succeed.

Effective leadership behaviours 

  • Modelling behaviour - Impact and techniques 
  • Developing teams and effective conflict management - 4 interaction techniques 
  • Establishing and maintaining clear boundaries and consequences - Behaviours to develop team professionalism 
  • Sharing information and effective delegation - The essential ability of building trust and getting the job done 
  • Effective interpersonal skills & mindset - Using emotional intelligence, listening skills & self-reflection

Workshop Information

Half and Full-day workshops available


  • Workbook with practical tools and activities
  • P.W. Irvine's book 'Hour Guide to Management: The Fundamentals of Being an Effective Leader'


  • Half day - $299 per participant
  • Full day - $450 per participant
  • Minimum 8 participants

Here’s what people are saying about Hospitality Success School:

Dean Normington

Black Rhino, Group Ops Mgr 

3 of our last Venue Managers were part of the Leadership Program

“As our skilled employees improve, they are encouraged to take on more responsibilities. 3 of our last appointments to Venue Managers were part of the Leadership Program.”

Leah Gill

Emerge Dining, Restauranteur 

We increased weekly covers by 75% within 3 months

"We increased weekly covers by 75% within 3 months. We're now booked out most Friday and Saturday nights."

Adrian Alexander

Cervo, Restauranteur

It gives me freedom to step back, look at opportunities and spend time with family

"The best thing about having the team involved in my business is that it gives me the freedom to step back  and work on the business, to look at other opportunities and importantly spend time with my family."

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