Is your business growing? Facing change? Or do you have problems you want to fix?

We have worked with over 800 hospitality businesses in Victoria over the past 20 years and in our experience we’ve found creating a plan by following these 4 steps and implementing it effectively is by far THE BEST WAY to achieve your business goals - just like these guys did!

We experienced an increase in sales of well over half a million dollars and I credit a lot of that to the staff. Staff are confident in their roles and are motivated by having a recognised qualification.

Stephen De Martin, Warrnambool Bowls Club

The best thing about having an organisation like AVTES involved in my business is that it gives me the freedom to step back and work on the business, to look at other opportunities and more importantly spend time with my family.

Adrian Alexander, Cervo Cafe Bar

How To Plan Your Way To Success

After working with hospitality businesses for so long and encountering the same issues we have developed a 4 step system to assist hospitality businesses – it’s called our Plan Your Way To Success System.

There are 4 steps to plan your way to success.

  • Step 1 - identify your 'why'
  • Step 2 - define your 'who'
  • Step 3 - specify your 'what'
  • Step 4 - outline your 'how'

Regular practical workshops 



  • Identify your 'why'
  • Define your target market
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Create your Value Ladder
  • Set your business goals
  • Outline your strategies and tactics
  • Create your Business Plan

Custom one-on-one coaching program



  • Access to our Plan Your Way To Success online course
  • Initial interview and goal setting session with your expert coach
  • Completion of a Workforce Skills Gap Analysis
  • Action Plan with custom training recommendations provided
  • 6 X monthly online implementation sessions with your expert coach 
  • Face-to-face review session at 6 months
  • Follow up Report provided 

Why Do The Workforce Development Program?

Put simply, workforce development is how an organisation attracts, retains, and skills its workers. Workforce development will ensure your business has the right planning, people, and skills to succeed and grow.

As a hospitality business - your business relies on your staff for the following reasons;

  • Delivery of your food and beverage offer is done by them.
  • Your customer experience is created by them.
  • Your business wouldn't exist without them.
  • You can't reach your goals without them...

We have worked with hospitality businesses for 20 years training staff and can help you achieve the following;

  • New skills and expertise that will spread throughout your workforce
  • Improved practices leading to better systems and processes
  • More efficient and productive employees
  • Staff will be more confident and able to take on more responsibility
  • You will have more time to work on strategic things because staff will need less supervision
  • Better supervisors and managers will create a positive workplace culture that values learning
  • A professional business image achieved through professional staff
  • Staff will be more motivated and have higher job satisfaction
  • Save money with lower staffing costs due to efficient and productive workers
  • Better staff morale leads to increased staff loyalty and retention
  • Lower staff turnover saves you money in recruitment and training costs
  • Business growth and higher profits
  • Your business will be more competitive

​Together we can develop your workforce to meet your future goals!

If you would like to discuss how our Plan Your Way To Success Course or Workforce Development Program might suit your business, get in touch.

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