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Staff Performance Services

Is your business growing? Facing change? Or have problems you want to fix?

Developing your workforce is the best way to optimise staff performance and is essential to long-term success in your business. With our extensive experience and proven methods, we will work with you to develop your workforce to meet your future business goals and needs.

Why Do Workforce Development?

  • Clarify business objectives, priorities and plans
  • Get a better understanding of you current business position and capabilities
  • Determine what is required into the future to meet your goals
  • Plan future workforce needs
  • Gain valuable advice and insights from experts
  • Assess skills and training needs of your staff
  • Identify relevant training options for your staff
  • Gain new skills and expertise across your business
  • Improve staff morale and retention
  • Increase productivity and business growth

What is Workforce Development?

Put simply, workforce development is how an organisation attracts, retains, and skills its workers. Workforce development will ensure your business has the right planning, people, and skills to succeed and grow.

With expertise and understanding, AVTES can provide a workforce development program that will assist you across the four key levels of your enterprise to meet your future business needs:

  • The individual – recommend appropriate training to align staff skills to business goals and objectives
  • The team – improving team effectiveness and operational productivity through relevant skill development
  • The organisation – identify strategic business goals and objectives
  • The system – help you navigate the relevant government policy regarding education and funding

How It Works

  • Free initial consultation to determine if our Workforce Development services will meet your staff performance needs.
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Program 1 – Training Check Up – $499

  1. The first step in developing a training strategy for your business is to determine what training your business needs. In order to do that we establish what your business goals are, and who your current workforce is.
  2. Then we analyse the capability of your current workforce to meet those goals and see if and where there are any gaps.
  3. Once we see where gaps exist, we look at how to get these skills and knowledge into your workforce. This can be done by upskilling your current staff, or bringing in new staff for certain roles.
  4. We believe that it is beneficial to use existing staff where possible. We look at the existing skills and knowledge of your current staff. Then we recommend the best training options for your business. This may include short courses, full qualification training, or workshops that are tailored to your specific needs.
  5. You will receive a report detailing your business goals, current workforce details and training recommendations.

Program 2 – Workforce Development Program – $4,999

Stage 1 – Strategy

  • Collection of business and staff information
  • Interview and goal setting
  • Extensive Workforce Action Plan report with recommendations

Stage 2 – Action

  • Implementation of Workforce Action Plan recommendations
  • Relevant training and/or business systems improvements as contracted (extra charge)

Stage 3 – Review

  • Follow up report with review against goals and strategies moving forward.

Why Use AVTES?

  • Industry professional consultants
  • Recommendations provided
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Business systems development
  • Accredited and non-accredited training provided
  • Registered training organisation with current government funding contract

Together we can develop your workforce to meet your future goals!

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