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Email Marketing For Hospitality Businesses

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most under-utilised marketing strategies in the hospitality industry. email is still one of the most powerful ways to communicate an offer or message to your customers. Despite the fact that many people are overwhelmed by the volume of email received these days. It is a cheap, easy and effective marketing strategy. It is far easier, and cheaper, to retain customers that to find new ones. Especially in restaurants, pubs and hotels where the majority of your customers are geographically close.

With email marketing for hospitality businesses, you are connecting with existing customers that have demonstrated a desire to stay connected. With new tools available, automation and segmentation are easier than ever, making email marketing one of the best marketing strategies for hospitality businesses.

It takes a bit to get set up, but you’ll be reaping the rewards for ages into the future. So, where do you start?

We’ve bundled up our services to help you out in the way that suits you. Whether you need a little help or a lot. We believe that any marketing works best when you have someone within your business taking responsibility. But we would love to work with that person to ensure you have up to date knowledge, professional assistance and the ability to track its effectiveness.

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Email Marketing For Hospitality Businesses Packages

PRICE$499$499 per month$999 per month
Choosing and setting up the best email system for you^^^
Email marketing strategyBasicIntermediateAdvanced
List building strategy^^
Identifying your customer segments^^
Monthly content plan1 month^^
Automation of your welcome series^^
Done for you emailing^
Automation of a series of your choice: abandoned action, win-back campaign, birthday gift voucher^
Goal setting^^^
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