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Marketing Services

We’ll help you build a successful hospitality business.

Marketing for hospitality businesses is hard. It’s difficult for hospitality businesses to keep up with all the new marketing stuff out there. But it’s not rocket science. It can be simple. And affordable. In fact you could probably do it yourself. And that’s what we’d like to help you do.

How can we help you?

Since 1997, we have helped hospitality businesses in Australia improve their food and service quality with great training. Now we want to help you grow with great marketing.

If you own or manage a hospitality business you probably know how important marketing is to your business. But do you have the time, expertise and resources to do it as well as you’d like?

If not, we’d love to help. We work predominantly in digital marketing – social media, email marketing, marketing strategy, websites, blogging and content marketing.

Looking for a fixed marketing cost? Check out our cost effective packages in social media, email marketing and marketing strategy below. Or contact us to talk about something more tailored to your needs.

Free Stuff

Want to grow your hospitality business? You’ll need to get good at marketing. Check out our free blog resources to help you get started with marketing your hospitality business.

Help Me

Ready to take the next step? We can show you how to do it, or even do it for you. Check out our set price packages or contact us to tailor something to your needs.

Social Media

Branding, market research, promotion, connecting with customers… So much to love about social media. Jump on the bandwagon!

  • Free resources – Download our social media guide
  • Book a free social media checkup with a custom report
  • Check out our social media done-for-you packages
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Email Marketing / Funnels

The most under-utilised marketing strategy in hospitality. It’s cheap, easy and effective. Get on board now!

  • Free resources – download our email marketing guide
  • Book a free email marketing analysis with a custom report
  • Check out our email marketing done-for-you packages
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Marketing Strategy

The foundation of any marketing success is great planning. Set yourself up for success now!

  • Free resources – download our marketing plan template
  • Book a free marketing audit with custom report
  • Get our expertise with one of our marketing strategy packages
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Melbourne and Victoria are the epitome of hospitality excellence. Let us help you show it with awesome marketing and get your business the success it deserves.

The focus of entertaining is impressing others, the focus of true hospitality is serving others…

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