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Business & People Planning

Business & People Planning

Is your business growing? Facing change? Or do you have problems you want to fix?

We have worked with over 800 hospitality businesses in Victoria over the past 20 years and in our experience we’ve found creating a plan by following these 5 steps and implementing it effectively is by far THE BEST WAY to achieve your business goals.

How To Plan Your Way To Success

After working with hospitality businesses for so long and encountering the same issues we have developed a 5 step system to assist hospitality businesses – it’s called our Plan Your Way To Success Program.

There are 5 steps to plan your way to success.

  • Step 1 – identify your business goals
  • Step 2 – outline strategies and actions to achieve those goals
  • Step 3 – assess the current capacity of your business
  • Step 4 – identify skills gaps
  • Step 5 – identify relevant training opportunities

Past clients have experienced the following;

“We experienced an increase in sales of well over half a million dollars and I credit a lot of that to the staff. Staff are confident in their roles and are motivated by having a recognised qualification.”

Stephen De Martin, Warrnambool Bowls Club

“I’m highly appreciative of the guidance provided by AVTES in recommending appropriate training, qualifications, and even specific modules which directly related to a wide range of different roles in Front of House, Food & Beverage, porters etc.The recommended training options were very effective in up-skilling employees as well as clearly linked to financial incentives,” 

Lyn Blight, Hilton South Wharf

We have also developed an advanced version of our program, for businesses with existing Business Plans and large teams. It’s called Workforce Development Program (Action Your Way To Success). It includes more in depth business planning and people planning, as well as assistance in implementing the plans – which is essential to actually reaching your goals and achieving success.

Why Complete One Of Our Programs?

If you undertake our signature introduction program – Plan Your Way To Success you will;

  • Define success for you
  • Complete a brief Business Strategy
  • Identify your strengths & weaknesses
  • Complete a brief Skills Gap Assessment
  • Complete a brief People Strategy
  • Gain valuable advice and insights from experts
  • Create a map to get you where you want to go

If you undertake our signature advanced program – Workforce Development Program you will;

  • Define success for you
  • Complete a detailed Business Strategy
  • Identify your strengths & weaknesses
  • Complete a detailed Skills Gap Assessment
  • Complete a detailed People Strategy
  • Gain valuable advice and insights from experts
  • Get assistance to implement your strategies
  • Monthly accountability catch-ups with your consultant
  • Gain new skills and expertise across your business
  • Improve staff morale and retention
  • Increase productivity and business growth
  • Comprehensive review of strategies and implementation at 6 months

What is Workforce Development Exactly?

Put simply, workforce development is how an organisation attracts, retains, and skills its workers. Workforce development will ensure your business has the right planning, people, and skills to succeed and grow.

With expertise and understanding, AVTES can assist you across the four key levels of your enterprise to meet your future business goals:

  • The individual – recommend appropriate training to align staff skills to business goals and objectives
  • The team – improving team effectiveness and operational productivity through relevant skill development
  • The organisation – identify strategic business goals and objectives
  • The system – help you navigate the relevant government policy regarding education and funding

How Our Programs Work

  • Free initial consultation to determine if one of our programs will meet your business needs.
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Program 1 – Plan Your Way To Success  – $499

  1. The first step in developing a strategy for your business is to determine what your business goals are.
  2. Then in the second step we outline strategies and tactics to reach those goals.
  3. In step three we look at your strengths and weaknesses to assess the current capacity of your business to reach your goals.
  4. Step four sees us analyse the capability of your current workforce to meet your goals and see if and where there are any skills gaps.
  5. Once we see where gaps exist, we look at how to get these skills and knowledge into your workforce in step five. We believe it is beneficial to use existing staff where possible and create personalised recommondations for the best training options for your staff and business. This may include short courses, full qualification training, or workshops that are tailored to your specific needs.

You will receive a Business Strategy detailing your business goals, strategies and tactics, as well as a People Strategy detailing your current workforce details, skills gaps and personalised training recommendations.

Program 2 – Workforce Development Program (Action Your Way To Success) – $4,999

Stage 1 – Strategy

  • Collection of business and staff information
  • Interview and goal setting session
  • Extensive Action Plan with personalised recommendations provided

Stage 2 – Action

  • Guided implementation of Action Plan recommendations
  • Relevant training and/or business systems improvements as contracted (extra charge)
  • Monthly phone catch-ups with your personal consultant (or subject expert) to keep your accountable

Stage 3 – Review (generally 6 months after Action Plan provided)

  • Review meeting and information collection
  • Follow up report with review against goals and strategies moving forward

Why Use AVTES?

  • Hospitality and training industry expert consultants
  • 20 years experience in hospitality business consulting
  • Personalised recommendations provided
  • End-to-end solutions available – we can provide the systems and training implementation (at additional cost)
  • Business systems development available (at additional cost)
  • Accredited and non-accredited training provided (at additional cost)
  • Registered training organisation with current government funding contract

If you need any advice or assistance in business planning or team development or would like to discuss how our Plan Your Way To Success Program or Workforce Development Program might suit your business, get in touch.

Together we can develop your workforce to meet your future goals!

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