Build Your Business

Building your business starts with great strategy. But often business owners and managers are too busy with day to day operations to be able to set and implement great strategy.

That’s where AVTES can help. With a range of business services that can help your work ‘on’ rather than ‘in’ your business. Just select your area of interest below and click for more information on how to build your business. Or contact us to chat further.

Customer Experience Services

Did you know 1 customer complaint = 416 anti-referrals?

A good customer experience is vital to your 
customer satisfaction, retention and 
ultimately your profit and success.  Knowing your customer experience can help you;

  • Establish if menus, pricing and venue 
    are appealing to customers
  • Identify if employees are following
    company practices
  • Address specific areas of concern
  • Improve customer service standards
  • Improve business profitability
    and competitiveness
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Staff Performance Services

Do you have any staff performance issues?

You could benefit from having a workforce development strategy for your business. We can determine what training your business needs and how to get those skills and knowledge into your business. You will;

  • Assess the skills and training needs of your business
  • Identify training options for your staff that are most relevant for the business
  • Gain new skills and expertise across your business
  • Improve staff morale and retention
  • Increase productivity and business growth
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Hospitality Business Services

Is your business growing? Facing change? Or have problems you want to fix?

Most problems within a business can be solved with better systems. Do you have the time, expertise and resources to do it as well as you’d like? We can help develop and implement;

  • Clear and concise operational 
    standards and procedures
  • Position descriptions with relevant KPIs
  • Service sequence standards for your front of house team
  • Kitchen systems to improve
    sustainability and minimise waste
  • Menus that will appeal to existing 
    and new customers and maximise profit
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