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Adding or improving a takeaway arm for your hospitality business will prepare you to survive & thrive in this period of disruption.

A Step-By-Step System For Hospitality Businesses

Should You Be Doing Takeaway?
In A Word... YES

There will always be profit in providing food for people... but the business model has changed.

Home delivery was on a pretty good trajectory before COVID, With the ‘food delivery’ providers entry to the market, millenials had already embraced food delivery. But with recent restrictions, older generations have had no choice but to give take-away and delivery a go.

In a recent interview with Simplot Australia, David White reported that takeaway was up by nearly 200%. That’s a huge increase and it’s really been the only thing that has enabled hospitality businesses to remain opened during the current pandemic.

With uncertainty and restrictions continuing to affect customer behaviour, takeaway is here to stay, for at least the next 12 months. And for those that can do it well, this additional source of income could become a huge part of your successful business model. So yes, doing take-away and/or delivery is a good idea.

I created this free one-of-a-kind online course for restaurant, cafe and hotel owners who want to create a profitable takeaway business.

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