COVID-19 – Infection Control Skill Set (Food Handling)

As Victorian businesses start to emerge from coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, hospitality employers and workers need to ensure they can safely reopen and engage with customers.

AVTES is now offering a short course to help hospitality staff identify and manage the ongoing risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) infections.

*This course is free for eligible Victorian employees

The targeted course is available for hospitality employers and workers and involves a mixture of online and workplace-based learning. In it, staff will learn how to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 to colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Participants will learn a range of skills, including:

  • Hand hygiene practices
  • Effective surface cleaning
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Disposal of contaminated waste
  • Hazard identification, control and reporting
  • Appropriate protocols and responses in the event of an incident
  • Knowledge regarding the basis of infection and transmission

After completion of the training, staff will be able to confidently:

  • follow standard and additional precautions for infection prevention and control
  • identify infection hazards and assess risks
  • follow procedures for managing risks associated with specific hazards.

Training and assessment is delivered on-line, over 4 weeks, beginning the day you commence your course. The course is mainly self-directed, with a trainer available via email during normal business hours to assist you. As part of the assessment for this course you are required to submit a video recording of yourself.

This course is available for free to eligible hospitality employers and workers. Learn more about eligibility at the Victorian Skills Gateway. If you are not eligible, you are still able to complete the unit by paying an enrolment fee of $400.

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