I manage training in an organisation

Do you manage training in a large organisation?

As a professional manager managing training and staff in a large organisation you likely already have in place a range of established HR and training systems and procedures.

By partnering with AVTES, you can improve and these systems and procedures. Training with AVTES can help you with;

  • line staff performance issues
  • staff retention problems
  • improving staff morale

  • business model consistency across venues
  • developing better supervisors and managers

Programs to develop your staff

AVTES has a range of services that are relevant to larger organisations like yours. In our experience, the following programs are most utilised;

Customer Experience Program

Consultation and evaluation of your business by an industry expert. Establish if menu, pricing, venue and customer service are appealing to customers and make improvements. End-to-end solution.

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Workforce Development Program

Determine what training your business needs to meet your future business goals and needs. Extensive workforce action plan implementation and review. End-to-end solution.

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Apprenticeships & Traineeships

On-the-job training that integrates with your existing practices. Courses for front and back of house staff, line staff and managers. Access government funding and financial incentives.

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We’ve helped clients like you improve their operations and bottom line

At AVTES we have been working with a number of large clients since 1998. This includes hotel chains, multi venue restaurants, aged care homes, franchises, and multi site groups. We have experience addressing your specific problems with custom solutions.

How training will help you

We will work with you to recognise and incorporate the things you already do. Identify areas that you could improve with training. Workplace based training is conducted at your convenience by our expert trainers. You may be eligible to access government funding opportunities.

Other information you may find useful

Please check out our Course List and Services pages to see our full suite of programs.

Ready to get started?

If you’d like to discuss what we can do for you or you’re ready to enrol, we’d be happy to come out and meet with you, just contact us by clicking the button below or phone Chris Fitzgibbon directly on 1300 764 418.